Out of School Ordering Instructions



To place an order for lunch, click the “Out of School Meal Ordering” button (second from top left) on the Brookline Child Nutrition homepage:


Image for step one for ordering online while school is out


Fill out the required information on the Online Ordering page and then click the “Next” button.


Image for step two for ordering online while school is out


When you get to the ordering page, click on the “School Closure Grab n’ Go Free and Reduced Meals” tab where you will be able to order 1 breakfast and by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button. You will also be able to order 2 lunch meals all at no cost by clicking the “Add to Cart” button twice. You can repeat this order each day for each student on free/ reduced price lunch status.

Once you have placed an order for all of that days meals, click on the “View Cart”


Image showing step three for ordering online while school is out


When in the cart screen, please take the time to review your order in order to ensure that you have ordered 1 breakfast and 2 lunch meals. NOTE: We will NOT process any orders that contain more than the three daily meals allowed. Once you have confirmed the details of your order, click on the “Settle at Pickup” button and then the “Place Order” button. If you need to remove any meals, click the red X beside each meal you need to remove.


Image showing step four for online ordering while school is out


After placing your order, you will be taken to the confirmation screen:


Image showing step five for online ordering while school is out


You will also receive a text and/ or email confirmation when the order is received, processed and ready for pickup.


To go directly to the ordering site, click here.