Community Catering Instructions for Brookline Area Residents


(The following instructions do not apply to students who receive free or reduced price lunch)


From the school district child nutrition homepage, click the “Brookline Community Catering” button near the top left.


Image for step one of community catering instructions


This will take you to another page with information about this program here:




When you get to the above page, scroll down and click the “Brookline Community Catering” button in order to be taken to the catering place so that you may place and order:




Click on the “New Order” button to begin placing your order here:




There are categories to choose from located near the top and more options will display by clicking the right arrow “>” and/ or scrolling down. You may enter a number in the first option field under “Meal”, “Parfait” or other displayed option in order to choose how many of each item you wish to order. Once you have gone through each category and made all of your selections, click the “Next” button near the top right to review your cart:

NOTE: Only students who receive free or reduced price lunch may order the free “Student Grab N’ Go Meals”



If your order is compete, click the “Next” button. You may also go back to add more items by clicking “Continue Shopping” or start your order over by clicking “Cancel Order”.  After choosing “Next” you will be directed to fill out the following information regarding your order:




After completing all of the required information, click the “Next” button. This will bring you to the final review screen where you will need to submit your preferred payment method by choosing one of the available options and filling out the required information as it pertains to that option:


Image for online catering steps


Once you have filled out your payment info and reviewed you order, click the “Check Out” button near the top right to place your order. Once you have placed your order, you will be taken to the order confirmation screen where you can print your confirmation order. You will receive an email confirmation as well.


Image for community catering steps


(The above instructions do not apply to students who receive free or reduced price lunch)